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Frequently Asked Questions

How many chocolate molds are there?

2985 products in this category, displaying products 1 to 24. One of the largest variety of chocolate molds available online with over 3,000 molds in our inventory! You'll find chocolate candy molds for every theme, occasion, and holiday. Fulfill your chocolate making goals with the wide selection of about 3000 chocolate molds with Candy Crafts.

Are chocolate molds food safe?

Being the pioneer in the design and manufacturing, you get chocolate molds for all kinds of celebrations with family and friends – Birthday, Anniversary, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and what not! Our FDA approved food safe plastic chocolate molds can withstand temperatures up to around 150 degrees.

What is the best modelling chocolate for cakes?

Vizyon Modelling Chocolate, also known as Chococoat is a fantastic modelling chocolate that is ready to use straight out of the tub. Vizyon Chococoat Modelling Chocolate is available in white and dark chocolate. Vizyon Dark Modelling Chocolate contains no animal products, which makes it perfect for vegan cakes.

What kind of equipment do you carry for professional chocolate making?

We carry a substantial selection of professional chocolate equipment, products, and accessories ranging from molds, coloring, wrapping, spray guns and chablon mats, to ganache frames, transfer sheets, tempering machines, showpiece casting molds, guitar and texture sheets, and much more. Chocolate Molds There are no products in this category.

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