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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nanaimo located on a map?

Nanaimo, British Columbia Nanaimo, BC is located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, 113 km north of Victoria, and 55 km across the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver. The city projects out into the strait like a headland, affording waterfront on three sides and spectacular ocean views at every turn.

Why is Nanaimo called the harbour city?

The city is known as “The Harbour City”. Historically, the city was known as the “Hub City” owing to its original layout, which consisted of streets radiating out from the shoreline and its relatively centralized location on Vancouver Island. It is also the provincial capital of the Nanaimo Regional District.

Why live in Nanaimo?

Welcome to Nanaimo, the Harbour City. Nanaimo is a vibrant urban centre found on the east side of beautiful Vancouver Island where an abundance of recreation and cultural opportunities exist giving residents a lifestyle second to none for living, working and playing.

What is the ethnic makeup of Nanaimo BC?

According to the 2016 census, Nanaimo is approximately 82% European, 8.4% First Nations, and has small visible minority groups including 2.2% South Asian, 2.6% Chinese, and 2% Southeast Asian . As of 2011, more than half of Nanaimo's residents do not practice any religion (51.7%), considerably higher than the national ratio (23.9%).

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