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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cities plow their own roads?

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Cities plow their own roads, and ODOT maintains state, federal, and interstate routes, including through cities. Many cities have maps of roads with plowing priorities. Columbus also has an interactive map which allows residents to check the positions of the plows. Newark Instructions, but no map.

What is the residential snow plow route map?

The Residential Snow Plowing Route Map indicates the order neighborhoods are plowed. The first residential area to be plowed is rotated each time the City plows, although hill areas will be plowed before flat areas. Once crews begin to plow the residential areas, the City will share the order of the residential plow routes.

How long does a full-city plow take?

Additional personnel from water and wastewater will be part of Full-City plowing efforts. Under the City's snow response plan, a Full-City plow reaching all 2,200 lane miles of streets should take about three days to complete once it stops snowing and dependent on weather conditions.

Is Spokane moving into a full-city plow?

The City of Spokane will once again move into a full-City plow, following several inches of snow that fell throughout the day. Crews will continue to work in the arterials this evening, Dec. 20 and overnight and then will move into the residential areas in the overnight hours.

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