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Frequently Asked Questions

When does wheel of time come out?

The Wheel of Time is officially arriving on—sound the trumpets!— November 19, 2021. Where can I watch The Wheel of Time? The series will be released exclusively on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime Is there a Wheel of Time trailer yet? Yes, at last!

When did wheel of time series start?

Originally planned as a six-book series, The Wheel of Time spanned fourteen volumes, in addition to a prequel novel and two companion books. Jordan began writing the first volume, The Eye of the World, in 1984, and it was published in January 1990.

How many seasons for Wheel of time?

These natural occurrences have been honored, celebrated, and recognized by many of the ancient cultures and civilizations of man. The four seasons of winter, spring, summer, and autumn align with the eight pagan holidays of the Wheel of the Year.

Who finished wheel of time?

The Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy saga written by Robert Jordan, and finished by Brandon Sanderson. It consists of 14 books. It's known for it's complex magic system.

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