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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened on Wheel of Fortune in 1994?

Here is a May 1994 episode of Wheel of Fortune. It's the finals of Music Stars week, which means the top three players (or four, in this case) are back to win more for their favorite charities. Who will emerge to win the big trophy at the end?

How much is the Wheel of Fortune worth?

The titular Wheel of Fortune is a roulette-style wheel mechanism with 24 spaces, most of which are labeled with dollar amounts ranging from $500 to $900, plus a top dollar value: $2,500 in round 1, $3,500 in rounds 2 and 3, and $5,000 for round 4 and any subsequent rounds.

What's new on Wheel of Fortune season 12?

This is the first full week of Wheel of Fortune's 12th Season Premiere beginning with Teen Week! This season marked the debut of the new spiky puzzle board design which was only seen during this season as well as the new big band arrangement of "Changing Keys"! *This collection is for Non-Profit and Entertainment purposes only!

When did Wheel of Fortune change the champion rule?

A timeline for Season 14 of Wheel of Fortune, which aired in first-run from September 2, 1996 through June 13, 1997. The three-day champion rule is replaced by the Friday Finals (which has previously been used for special weeks such as Teen, College, and two-player team weeks).

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