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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official language of Belgium?

What Are The 3 Official Languages Of Belgium? British Broadcasting Corporation – Languages – Languages. Languages: French, Dutch, and German are official languages. More than a third of the population uses Wallon, the local variation of French. More than 60% of our population speaks Flemish at home, and Flemish is spoken in northern Germany.

What languages are spoken in Gent Belgium?

What Language Does Ghent Belgium Speak? In Belgium, Dutch is the official language. Flemings Flemish’s use of Dutch is commonly called pejorative by French-speakers, while still being technically Dutch. There are several dialects of Dutch that are spoken in Flanders, often called Dutch lligent dialect.

What is the language called that Belgian people speak?

What Languages Do They Speak In Belgium?Flemish (Dutch)FrenchGermanLuxembourgish And More

What language do they speak in Belgrade?

They comprise about 60% (6.5 million) of the population. The language this community speaks, while largely identical to the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands, is called “Belgian-Dutch” by academics and “Flemish” by everyone else.

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