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Frequently Asked Questions

What is urban mobility and why is it important?

At its most basic level, urban mobility is about getting people from one place to another. However, that is not all it encompasses; it also includes how people get around within urban areas for both work and leisure activities like shopping, dining out, or visiting cultural sites.

What are the different technologies used in urban mobility?

Vehicle computers, road sensors, AI, and intelligent cameras are some of the technologies that make intelligent transportation systems possible. Intel and our partners have developed multiple technologies, hardware, and software for urban mobility and smart cities.

What is urban air mobility and how does it work?

Urban air mobility as we understand it really began in 2017 with the launch of the WiNDroVe project in Hamburg, Germany. It used electric drones to deliver parcels and for other logistical purposes. Following that, Germany launched an Urban Air Mobility project in 2018 with Airbus, Audi and several universities. Since then, the idea has boomed.

What is mobility as a service (MaaS)?

Intelligent transportation systems, open data frameworks, and AI-assisted applications are transforming urban driving into on-demand Mobility as a Service (MaaS) that is helping reduce congestion and increase mobility.

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