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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes thunderstorm asthma and how to deal with it?

‘Thunderstorm asthma’ occurs when there are huge storms combined warm weather and a high pollen count; the storms will trigger a size change in the pollen particles floating about the area. Typically, grass pollen is too big to enter the airways of the lungs, but when they are broken down by moisture and wind, they can be inhaled.

Can a thunderstorm trigger an asthma attack?

While it seems like a surprising trigger for an asthma attack, yes, thunderstorms have been known to increase the risk of an asthma attack. Storms may be a trigger when they occur during allergy season in the spring or summer. However, research is still ongoing and needs to be completed to fully understand how thunderstorms trigger asthma.

Who's at risk of thunderstorm asthma?

People at risk of acute asthma flare-ups triggered by a thunderstorm include those with: undiagnosed asthma . The risk of thunderstorm asthma is highest in adults who are sensitive to grass pollen and have seasonal hay fever (with or without known asthma). The worst outcomes are seen in people with poorly controlled asthma.

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