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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thomson Reuters clear records resource?

Thomson Reuters CLEAR records resource – the powerful research platform that delivers a vast collection of public and proprietary records and brings all key content together into a single working environmentto give you a more streamlined, effi cient search.

Is Thomson Reuters a consumer report?

Ready to see CLEAR in action? Thomson Reuters is not a consumer reporting agency and none of its services or the data contained therein constitute a ‘consumer report’ as such term is defined in the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C. sec. 1681 et seq.

What are the pros and cons of clear by Thomson Reuters?

Overall: I can solve most any problem with CLEAR by Thomson Reuters. Pros: It was easy to use and has a good support system. Many people who use this Software will be able to glide thru all the options available. Cons: There was nothing negative about this Software Clear.

How do I speak to a Thomson Reuters representative?

THOMSON REUTERS CLEAR® Call your representative at 1-800-262-0602 Learn more at © 2015 Thomson Reuters S023733/8-15

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