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Frequently Asked Questions

What does staccato stand for?

“Staccato” is Italian for “detached” or “disconnected.” Staccato playing intentionally leaves a small rest at the end of each note’s allotted duration. Sonically speaking, staccato is the opposite of legato. In legato music, notes flow into one another, sometimes to the point of being slurred.

What does the name Staccato mean?

“Staccato” comes from the past participle of the Italian word “staccare,” which means “to detach,” and today refers to anything that is manufactured, done, or happens in an abrupt or disconnected manner, not simply sounds. Get a daily dose of Word of the Day sent straight to your email!

What term does staccato come from?

Keenly, “staccato” comes from the Italian word, “staccare”, which means “to detach”. On the piano or synthesizer, or even the organ, you create the staccato by pressing the key and immediately lift the key as soon as it is pressed.

What does staccato mean in music?

Staccato is a form of musical articulation in which a note is played in a detached fashion. ‘Staccato’ is one of those musical terms that’s entered common parlance. And on this occasion common parlance seems to have got it broadly right. When musicians and non-musicians use the word today they evidently mean more-or-less the same thing.

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