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Frequently Asked Questions

What is steeplechase?

Steeplechase is a very interesting track event where participants overcome various obstacles -- fixed barriers and water jumps -- during the course of a 3000m race to make it to the finish line.

Are steeplechase races part of the Olympics?

Since then, steeplechase races have been a part of modern athletic Olympics though run under varying lengths. Although men have been running the steeplechase races since their inception, women began running during the Beijing marathon in 2008. Modern Day Steeplechase

How many barriers are there in the steeplechase?

In the Olympics, men have raced the steeplechase since 1920, while the women, somewhat shockingly, only first raced it at the Olympics in 2008 in Beijing. Today, the race features five barriers: four hurdles plus the barrier before the water pit. For the men, those barriers are 36 inches, and for the women they are 30 inches.

Can you run in a specific lane in steeplechase?

In steeplechase races, athletes must not run in a specific lane as with other track and field races. Although both men and women run these races, the hurdles tend to be slightly higher for men measuring about 36 inches and 31 inches for women. Most men and women running this race are mainly in their youth. Steeplechase Basics

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