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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session hijacking attack?

A session hijacking attack happens when an attacker takes over your internet session — for instance, while you’re checking your credit card balance, paying your bills, or shopping at an online store. Session hijackers usually target browser or web application sessions. A session hijacking attacker can then do anything you could do on the site.

What is hijacking in computer?

When it comes to answering what is hijacking in computer, one must say hijacking is a type of network attack in which the attacker takes over the control and communication between the victim system and the network. Any kind of information theft including password, email information, bank account information, etc. can be called a hijacking attack.

What are service traffic hijacking attacks?

Service traffic hijacking attacks can potentially be found in service programming design weaknesses where a hacker will exploit flaws and mimic, take over, or redirect services that are accessed by regular customers without their knowledge. Software vulnerabilities are one of the largest concerns with VPC security support teams.

What are interception and hijacking attacks?

Interception and hijacking attacks, on the other hand, are almost always active attacks with theft of service, information, or money as the goal. Note that this list is not exhaustive but illustrates some attack scenarios.

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