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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Chandler leave MrBeast?

When he left the team, he alleged that MrBeast was very rude to him and used to bullying some of his employees. According to Turner, he was bullied, called mentally retarded, yelled at, and was always uncertain because MrBeast was replacing him with other people.

Was Chandler fired from MrBeast?

The answer is no because Chandler still appears in every MrBeast videos and future upcoming videos. He is not leaving and he is not getting fired by MrBeast. 0. Reply. Share. Report Save Follow. More posts from the MrBeast community. 958. Posted by 7 days ago. Team skys. 958. 61 comments. share. save. hide.

Why did MrBeast fire Marcus?

Marcus Pearson is a former friend/employee of MrBeast. An official reason as to why he was fired is unknown, but most believe it was due to drug related issues.

Is Chandler from MrBeast married?

On July 11, 2021, Chandler has publicly stated in his Instagram that he is engaged with Cara. Cara Davis is the fiancée of Chandler Hallow. Although she never appeared in the MrBeast channel, she is known from Chandler's social media that she was dating him since 2020.

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