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Frequently Asked Questions

How dangerous is a scattered thunderstorm?

They can develop quickly and create dangerous wind and wave conditions. Thunderstorms can bring shifting and gusty winds, lightning, waterspouts, and torrential downpours which can turn a day's pleasure into a nightmare of distress. There are no specific warnings or advisories for lightning but all thunderstorms produce lightning.

How bad are scattered thunderstorms?

Scattered thunderstorms: The National Weather Service uses the term “scattered” to describe a 30% to 50% chance of measurable precipitation (0.01 inch) for a given location. Even if a thunderstorm is not classified as severe, lightning and heavy rain can still pose a danger.

Can a scattered thunderstorm be dangerous?

Scattered thunderstorms are more dangerous in contrast with isolated ones as a greater land is affected by it. Moreover, the thunderstorm duration is also considered to be more in the case of a scattered thunderstorm. Scattered thunderstorms are far scarier than an isolated thunderstorms.

What does 'scattered to the four winds' mean?

Meaning: If something's scattered to the four winds, it goes out in all directions. All idioms have been editorially reviewed, and submitted idioms may have been edited for correctness and completeness.

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