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Frequently Asked Questions

What do diamondback rattlesnakes eat?

If rattling does not work, then the snake will strike in defense. Western diamondback rattlesnakes are carnivores. They feed on small mammals such as chipmunks, prairie dogs, voles, woodrats, rabbits, ground squirrels and also birds, lizards, and even fish.

Are diamondback rattlesnakes endangered?

Currently, western diamondback rattlesnakes are not threatened or endangered. Mice, rats, rabbits, gophers, ground dwelling birds, lizards and other small animals make up the diet of this snake. Diamondbacks have many predators and not always because the predator wants to eat them.

What are the different types of diamondback snakes?

Other common names of these snakes include desert diamond-back, desert diamond rattlesnake, fierce rattlesnake, spitting rattlesnake, buzz tail, Texan rattlesnake, Texas diamond-back, and Texas rattler. Western diamondbacks can go for up to two years without food in the wild.

How do diamondback rattlesnakes reproduce?

The western diamondback rattlesnake is ovoviviparous. This is a reproductive system in which an animal’s young develop in eggs within the mother’s body. The young then ‘hatch’ from the eggs prior to being born.

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