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How to plan a romantic wedding?

18 Romantic Wedding Ideas You'll Fall For. 1 Start With Floral Stationery. Cassidy Carson Photography. If you're planning a romantic wedding vibe, why not kick things off from the very beginning. 2 Host an Alfresco Ceremony. 3 Utilize a Garden Backdrop. 4 Opt for an Altar Surrounded in Florals. 5 Use Bold Florals Down the Aisle. More items

What are the most romantic wedding songs of all time?

The 75 Most Romantic Wedding Songs of All Time 1 "Adorn," by Miguel 2 "At Last," by Etta James 3 "The Only Exception," by Paramore 4 "I Wanna Know," by Joe 5 "Come Away With Me," by Norah Jones 6 "Dangerously in Love 2," by Beyoncé 7 "Just the Way You Are," by Bruno Mars 8 "Time After Time," by Cyndi Lauper

What is a romantic wedding cake?

To add just a touch of romance, consider a floral wedding cake. “A romantic wedding cake is anything with a soft color palette, elegant details, and a classic design,” says Sherene Hulugalle, owner of Wisteria Lane. “For this wedding, the pastel-colored florals seen throughout other events of the day brought everything together.”

What is the most romantic wedding decor?

For more romantic wedding decor, try a light and airy color palette and illuminate your celebration with plenty of flickering candles. The options are truly endless—and insanely beautiful. Ready to fall in love? We tapped the minds of industry experts to help collect these romantic wedding ideas, featuring all things ethereal, floral, and delicate.

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