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Frequently Asked Questions

How many gowns are available at Nebraska bridal?

Nebraska Bridal is thrilled to offer you the latest gowns from more than 15 collections belonging to many of the top designers in the industry! With hundreds of gowns available to try on, including over 75 gowns sizes 18+, we’re certain to have options for every style, budget, and bride. Call (402) 443-5377 to schedule an appointment!

What are people saying about ready or knot in Omaha NE?

Help us improve. What are people saying about bridal in Omaha, NE? "Ready or Knot is a very down to earth, beautiful bridal shop that offers really intentional, kind, helpful service and DEALS for wedding dresses. They have incredible inventory at shockingly low prices without the dress quality looking outdated or bleak.

Who is bridal traditions?

WELCOME TO BRIDAL TRADITIONS! Bridal Traditions owner and her 3 daughters were inspired to bring the city of Omaha into the bridal fashion spotlight. They recognized the need for a full-service bridal salon. Their dream became a reality and has been thriving in Omaha since April 1997.

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