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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WebCampus interface?

The WebCampus interface includes the Dashboard, Global Navigation Menu, and sidebar. The WebCampus interface was designed to allow easy access to all course activities for students and instructors. The interface is nearly identical for faculty and students, which will help you design your course with the student experience in mind.

How do I get help in WebCampus?

There are a few options for getting help in WebCampus. By clicking on Help on the global navigation menu, you are given two options. First, you can search the Canvas Guides, which contain step by step information on working with all aspects of the learning management system.

How do I authorize to WebCampus?

You should now see an "authorize to webcampus option" on the right hand side within the "Grade Roster Action" box in the "Grade Roster." Click the "authorize to webcampus" button/link. [See Figure 6 for a visual example] [Figure 6] Screenshot of the "Grade Roster Action" box in the "Grade Roster" section of MyNEVADA.

How do I load grades from WebCampus?

Users can toggle the drop-down menu options for "Approval Status" and click the "Load grades from WebCampus" button/link to load their grades. You must have a grading scheme set up in WebCampus for the specific class you are uploading grades for.

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