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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bayard?

Bayard creates periodicals, books, worship and devotional resources, and formation materials to inform and inspire, to spread the Gospel, to explore the beauty of the Catholic faith, and to continue the Church’s rich tradition of dialogue.

Where is Bayard Rock located?

Outside the Walloon town of Dinant in Belgium stands "Bayard Rock", a large cleft rock formation that was said to have been split by Bayard's mighty hooves. In Namur, the next town downriver along the Meuse, stands a locally famous statue of Bayard and the Four Aymon Brothers.

What is the history of the horse Bayard?

The horse Bayard carrying the four sons of Aymon, miniature in a manuscript from the 14th century. Maugis on his horse Bayard, fighting against the Infidels, in Renaud de Montauban. Loyset Liédet, Bruges, 1462-1470

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