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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Waystar?

Waystar’s technology platform simplifies and unifies healthcare payments across the revenue cycle. We empower healthcare organizations to automate manual work, gain insight into processes and performance, and ultimately collect more revenue. At Waystar, we know there’s a better, more efficient way forward.

How does Waystar’s eligibility verification work?

Powered by Hubble, Waystar’s AI + RPA platform, Eligibility Verification combs through vast amounts of payer data to curate the most accurate and comprehensive benefit information—with richer coverage detail, staff become specialized triaging eligibility issues. What’s more, our eligibility engine seamlessly integrates with all major EHRs.

What is the phone number for Waystar health?

TwitterLinkedin-inFacebook-f Main Waystar 844-4WAYSTAR 844-492-9782 Sales 844-6WAYSTAR 844-692-9782 © 2020 Waystar Health.

Why Waystar for your medical billing?

Waystar’s unified, single sign-on revenue cycle platform can supplement any major HIS, such as Epic, Cerner and Meditech, among many others, and enables you to manage commercial, Medicare and patient payments in one place. Waystar has years of experience with all kinds of practices.

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