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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be warrior cats movie?

The Real Warrior Cats Movie. There IS going to be an ACTUAL Warrior Cats Into the Wild Movie based on Erin Hunter's series!!! Coming to theatres around the year 2012, the movie will be featuring CGI (computer generated imagery) cats! As of now, the Erins are starting productions and negotiating with several film companies on the movie issue.

What are the warrior cats series?

In the Warrior Cat Series the feral cats of ShadowClan are the Alpha Cats, ambitious and greedy. They are the equivalent of the "financial experts" in the human world and the chief executives of big companies.

What are warriors cats?

Warrior: Warriors are the general rank of the cats in a Clan. They are given tasks mainly by the leader or deputy, and sometimes the medicine cat. They hunt, fight, and patrol and are now full-grown cats. Mentor: Mentors are normal warriors/senior warriors who have been chosen to train an apprentice.

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