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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an academic advisor at Walton?

The Walton College does not assign specific academic advisors to students. The Undergraduate Programs Office has nine academic advisors. You can schedule an appointment with any of them dependent on availability.

How can I get advice from A UArk advisor?

Any student, especially those with a new major in mind & no assigned advisor, can email [email protected] or call 479-575-4801 for advising support. Advisors in the Undergraduate Programs Office will help you make thoughtful decisions related to your academic experience, and maximize your educational and career opportunities.

What is the University of Arkansas Academic Advisor Program?

It is a process that assists students in connecting with the University of Arkansas, making thoughtful decisions related to their academic experiences, and maximizing their educational and career opportunities. Quality academic advising is essential to achieving the University’s vision.

What is academic advising?

Academic advising can be one of the most important resources in your educational experience. Your advisor can help you explore programs of studies, understand academic policies and procedures, select appropriate classes, and review your degree audit. Basically, your advisor can help you navigate through your college experience.

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