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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order groceries from Walmart?

One of the most prominent options is to shop through the Walmart Grocery app or online. Both solutions offer pickup and home delivery, depending on your location. Here's how to order your favorites from your home.

What is Walmart's grocery pickup and delivery?

That's why we're proud to offer easy and contactless Grocery Pickup and Delivery services in cities across the nation. With FREE* Grocery Pickup, you choose a pickup date and time at your nearest Walmart, place your order, and then we prepare your order for your arrival. With Grocery Delivery *, we deliver the groceries right to your door.

What can I buy online at Walmart?

Shop our online grocery aisles. 1 Fruits & vegetables. Yes, you can order fresh fruits and vegetables online ! At Walmart Grocery, you will find nutritious leafy greens for salads, ... 2 Dairy & eggs. 3 Meat & seafood. 4 Pantry staples & snacks. 5 Frozen foods.

What is Walmart Grocery in Canada?

Walmart Grocery is Canada's online grocery store offering groceries and household essentials at everyday low prices. Find all the grocery staples you need to get your family through the busy week ahead. The best part?

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