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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be the editor of wallpaper china?

Subsequently, Wallpaper China will be led by a core team of three: Guo Jialu will serve as deputy editor, Huang Jun will serve as editorial director, and Deng Yuan, who was chief architecture and human design editor will become editorial director.

Who writes for Wallpaper* magazine?

Jonathan Bell has written for Wallpaper* magazine since 1999, covering everything from architecture and transport design to books, tech and graphic design. He is now the magazine’s Transport and Technology Editor.

Who is Mary Cleary from wallpaper*?

Mary Cleary is the Beauty & Grooming Editor of Wallpaper*. Having been with the brand since 2017, she became an editor in February 2020 with the launch of the brand’s new beauty & grooming channel.

Who will be the next editor of T Magazine China?

Starting in September, Feng Chuxuan will take on the role of T Magazine China editor in chief, while Li Sen will be appointed editorial director and culture editor of T Magazine China. Qian Xiaojing will continue to serve as the fashion director of T Magazine China.

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