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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wax wallet and how does it work?

A WAX wallet is a named, encrypted repository of public and private key pairs that are stored in a file on your local server (not the blockchain). You’ll need to create a development wallet to: Create local WAX Blockchain Accounts Sign actions performed on your local blockchain

How secure is wax cloud wallet?

Most importantly, you can be sure you’re building on a secure, eco-friendly blockchain. The WAX Cloud Wallet is your secure gateway to premiere NFT collections, dApps, video games, marketplaces and more. It also makes buying, selling, trading and giving NFTs easier than ever.

How to buy wax (WAXP) with a credit card?

Use the Buy WAX button to use a credit card Step 2: Make the Transfer Submit the withdrawal request from the exchange on which you’re holding $WAXP tokens: Once the transaction settles on the WAX Blockchain, you’ll see your balance appear inside your WAX Cloud Wallet.

How do I create a public wallet ID for wax Dapps?

Most Wax dApps use this Wax Wallet as a login option. A public wallet ID will be created for you automatically, something like abcd.wam. This is the ID you’ll want to give anyone sending you Wax or NFTs. After you log into Wax Wallet for the first time, click on Settings > Security and enable 2-Factor Authentication.

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