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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a word for “Wallah”?

Of course, standard dictionaries do have entries for “wallah,” a word of Hindi origin for someone involved in a particular occupation or activity, such as an “ice-cream wallah” or a “kitchen wallah.” That word is pronounced WAH-la. The use of “wallah” for “voilà” seems to have shown up in print in the late 1990s.

What does Walah mean?

wal·​lah | \ ˈwä-lə , in combination usually ˌwä-lə\. : a person who is associated with a particular work or who performs a specific duty or service —usually used in combination the book wallah was an itinerant peddler— George Orwell.

What is a Wallah mug?

Get the wallah mug. A Wallah is a person in India, or other Indian based countries, that carries out a manual task. A Punkawallah pulls a string and acts as a manual fan for rich people. A Dabbawallah collects lunchboxes off the office workers and fills them and takes their lunch to them.

What does Mashallah mean?

The expression mashallah means "it is what God willed" and is used to congratulate someone on their good fortune, and to protect others against the "evil eye". Some believe that giving someone a compliment without uttering "mashallah" is a sign of envy and jealousy, and can cause harm to the person on the receiving end.

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