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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hike on the Schuylkill River?

This includes Lock 60; the Schuylkill East Trail entrance in Upper Schuylkill Valley Park; Lower Perkiomen Valley Park; Central Perkiomen Valley Park; and Pennypack Trail (only the section between Welsh Road and Old Huntington Pike).

How to get to the waterfalls in northern Pennsylvania?

Northern Pennsylvania Waterfalls Colton Point State Park has a series of waterfalls at the bottom of Branch Fourmile Run How To Get There: Take a steep three-mile round trip hike down Turkey Path Trail, less than half a mile down is a 70-foot cascading waterfall with a series of waterfalls at the lowest parts of the trail.

Where can you see Buttermilk Falls in Pennsylvania?

Buttermilk Falls is located along the Lehigh Gorge Trail, just north of the Rockport Access Area. Ricketts Glen State Park is the home of Glens Natural Area that can be viewed from several hiking trails. Most falls can be seen on a 3.2-mile loop. The tallest waterfall, Ganoga, is 94 feet high.

Where are the best trails around Evansburg?

If you're looking for the best trails around Evansburg State Park or Ridley Creek State Park, we've got you covered. You'll also find some great local park options, like Wissahickon Valley Park or Tohickon Valley Park.

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