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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walgreens have rapid testing?

It appears that both CVS and Walgreens offer the Rapid Covid tests in our area. Walgreens is closer to us, but says that the test results should be back within 24 hours (call it the Rapid Diagonostic test ID now) and does not ask about travel related. CVS says there results are with minutes and they ask if it is for travel.

How much do drugs cost at Walgreens?

For example, the full cash price of a 30-day supply of Divalproex DR, a generic anti-seizure medication, ranged from $94 at Walgreens to $14.27 at Costco. As for the other pharmacies, when it comes to Divalproex DR, CVS was the second highest price at $92.59. Target was next at $90.

What is the employee discount at Walgreens?

All Walgreens employees receive an instant 15 percent discount on all items, whether you buy them in a Walgreens store or on the company's website. When you were first hired, you received an ID and password that could be used to access the employee website.

What are the hours for Pharmacy at Walgreens?

Walgreens Local Hours. Pharmacy hours can vary by location. Some locations open at 9:00 AM, others close at 9:00 PM. Customers should check the local store for operating hours if their arrival at the pharmacy is going to be in the early or late part of the day.

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