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Frequently Asked Questions

How to organize a waitlist?

Organize like a champ with quick notes, assignments, and status colors. Keeping your waitlist organized doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are a few Waitlist Me features to help turn 'crazy busy' into 'crazy efficient.'. Quick Notes - Add customers more quickly and better remember their preferences. In your app settings, you can define Quick Notes for common events, popular customer requests, or anything you'd like to track in the waitlist and reports.

How long will I be on the waitlist?

You could be waiting for a long time and there's no guarantee that you'll ever be accepted. How long you wait depends on a college's enrollment big picture. Some schools have been known to pull students from the waitlist a week before classes start, but May and June of the same academic year are more typical.

Why you should wait out the waitlist?

Using a wait list is also a way to reject students without completely demoralizing them. It can be a helpful tool, for instance, to turn away students of alumni, who are not desirable candidates. Some students see an invitation to a wait list as something to even brag about. I’m not joking.

How can I see my position on the waitlist?

HOW CAN I SEE MY POSITION ON THE WAITLIST FOR CLASS BOOKING? On the mobile app and the website, you’ll see your position on the wait list indicated by a number next to your selected class time. Once you’re moved off the wait list into the class, that number will change to a check mark.

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