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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best VR headset for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Best VR Headsets for Microsoft Flight Simulator 1 Valve Index. The Valve Index is a supercharged VR headset that’s built with the latest specs available, like SteamVR 2.0 sensors and RGB Bayer cameras. 2 HP Reverb G2. But if you want the best graphics in a VR headset, there’s no better option than the HP Reverb G2. ... 3 Oculus Quest 2. ...

How do I get VR on Microsoft Flight Simulator?

To access VR, make sure you have downloaded the latest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Grab your VR headset and try this captivating experience today on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Windows 10, and Steam. Feel free to share your first impressions with us on the dedicated forums or check out our FAQ if you have questions.

What is Flight Simulator (MSFS)?

Flight Simulator is a perfect platform to enjoy virtual reality, which enables an even more immersive experience when flying a virtual airplane. With VR in MSFS, you are closer than you will ever be to the feeling of actually being in the cockpit, with the instruments all around you.

Are VR headsets cheap?

Due to the powerful components needed to create VR headsets, these devices aren’t cheap. But the Facebook Technologies found a way to bring the cost down in 2012 and, since then, the Oculus line became one of the most popular VR headsets of all time.

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