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Frequently Asked Questions

What are voluntary organizations?

A voluntary organization, also known as a voluntary association, is a group of people who spend their free time helping others without monetary compensation and do not make a profit from their activities.

What are some examples of a voluntary action?

Examples of a voluntary action would be running, jumping, eating or walking. A voluntary action is one a person consciously controls.

What are some examples of voluntary groups?

The recreational club is an example of voluntary group. (ii) Involuntary group: - An involuntary group is one, which is based on blood relationship such as, family, kinship, tribe, clan etc. The membership of this group is compulsory because man is born in it and also die in it.

What is voluntary activity?

Voluntary activity is a significant economic activity in the United States. It is especially pleasing to have made such a positive contribution to local voluntary activity at a time when many sources of public funds are drying up.

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