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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the name of the country that had a volcanic eruption?

A thick layer of volcanic ash covered Tonga on Tuesday as the first images emerged from the Pacific island nation since it was hit by a massive undersea volcanic eruption and tsunami.

When is the next volcanic eruption in the Pacific?

New aerial images of the massive volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean reveal the scope of devastation as entire islands are wiped out. NBC News’ Matt Bradley reports on how Tonga will face recovery with heightened fears the death toll could be growing. Jan. 18, 2022.

How did the volcanic eruption in Tonga affect the world?

The volcanic eruption that caused a tsunami to hit the island nation of Tonga has also severed the country's line of communication to the rest of the globe.

Is the airport damaged in the volcano eruption?

But while the island nation’s main international airport was not damaged in the eruption and tsunami, heavy ash prevented full operations and hindered international relief efforts.

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