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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sports does vipbox stream?

Yes, they stream every sport you can think of including Rugby, Tennis, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Golf, Snooker, MotoGP, F1 and more. What other services do VIP Box provide? VIPbox just do streams, they don't provide any news or sports articles on their website. Is VIPBox streams free and is it safe to access?

Why book a VIP box at a football game?

When you book a Football VIP box, you can look forward to one of the best nights of your life. Whether you’re entertaining clients or looking to have a good time with your family and friends, you can rest assured that all your needs will be fulfilled! You can easily get your hands on Football suites at any time!

Can I watch the Premier League on vipbox?

The rights to football and other sports in the UK are not owned by VIPBox. To watch live football from the Premier League, Football League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga you should get a Sky Sports, BT Sports Amazon Prime or Now TV package/subscription.

Is it illegal to watch football on vipbox?

Users of VIPBox or other live football streams are unaware that they are equally breaking the law by linking to these live streams and could be found guilty of accessing copyrighted material if caught using them.

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