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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Viking River Cruises dock in Budapest?

Viking Cruise Line ships dock at the Budapest cruise port, on the Danube River. Although the cruise port is located outside the city limits of Budapest, it is only about 3 miles from Budapest's dow... Read More ».

How is the Danube River connected to other rivers?

On a Danube cruise, you’ll typically travel between Germany and Hungary, although some river cruises sail all the way to the Black Sea. The Danube is connected to the Main River via the Main-Danube Canal. Some itineraries include Nuremberg, which is located on the Main-Danube Canal and the Pegnitz River.

What is a Viking River Cruise?

Viking Cruises is a cruise line providing river and ocean cruises, with operations based in Basel, Switzerland. It is the parent company of Viking River Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises.

Is the Danube River in Europe?

The Danube is the second-longest river in Europe. It begins in the Black Forest in Germany and flows east to the Danube Delta on the western coast of the Black Sea.

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