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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the word Việt come from?

The word Việt originated as a shortened form of Bách Việt (Chinese: 百越; pinyin: Bǎiyuè), a group of people then living in southern China and Vietnam. The form "Vietnam" (越南) is first recorded in the 16th-century oracular poem Sấm Trạng Trình.

What is the country of Vietnam?

Vietnam ( Vietnamese: Việt Nam, [vîət nāːm] ( listen) ), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a country in Southeast Asia. Located at the eastern edge of mainland Southeast Asia, it covers 311,699 square kilometres. With a population of over 96 million, it is the world's fifteenth-most populous country.

What is the capital city of Vietnam?

Its capital is Hanoi and its largest city is Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam was inhabited as early as the Paleolithic age. The first known Vietnamese nation during the first millennium BC centred on the Red River Delta, located in modern-day northern Vietnam.

Who is Viet Nguyen?

His name was Viet Nguyen, his business card reads vice president, corporate public affairs at Frause Strategic Communications. Think Viet Nam, without a Cold War to offer as rationale for our presence. U.S. shotgunners used flechettes in Viet nam to get at Viet Cong hidden behind leaves and brush.

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