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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of watching a birth giving video?

This natural childbirth video is visual proof that natural birth does not mean painful birth and for some women, there is no urge or need to vocalize. Birth can be as easy as this looks.

What is the process of giving birth like?

During labor, your body is moving your baby down and out. Your cervix also changes to prepare for birth. (1 minute) Early contractions kick off the first and longest stage of labor, which lasts until it's time to push. (5 minutes) You push during the second stage of labor – and your baby enters the world. (2 minutes)

Is natural childbirth a safe option?

Natural childbirth can be a safe option for a low-risk pregnancy. If your pregnancy is high risk – if you have a heart condition, preeclampsia, or diabetes; are carrying twins; or your baby is breech – or if there's a chance a C-section will be necessary, a natural birth may not be recommended.

What are the benefits of an unassisted homebirth?

Another benefit of natural birth is that many moms describe it as an empowering experience. It allows you to remain in control of your body and be an active participant throughout labor. Natural birth isn't without drawbacks, though. It can be very painful and exhausting to give birth without pain medication.

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