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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a victim advocate do?

What Does A Victim Advocate Do? Victim advocates are trained to support victims of crime. They offer emotional support, victims’ rights information, help in finding needed resources and assistance in filling out crime victim related forms. Our advocates frequently accompany victims and their family members through the criminal justice proceedings.

How do I contact the Tiffin County Court of Appeals?

The Court asks that only the defendant and essential personnel appear (counsel) for these proceedings. If you have questions, please contact the Tiffin location at (419) 448-5411 or the Fostoria location at (419) 435-8139 during business hours.

What is the role of a crime victim services attorney?

Costilla has completed the Ohio Attorney General's Advance Academy Basic Advocacy Skills in Crime Victim Services in 2017. Mrs. Costilla's primary area of responsibilities is to work with the victims of juvenile delinquency cases, assist with payments for supervision

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