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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of vets?

The primary mission of VETS is to support veterans and charitable activities that provide veterans with information about starting and operating a commercial business enterprise. This includes offering entrepreneurial education, mentoring and financial assistance to start or grow an existing business.

What can vets do for You?

Once a veteran has enrolled with VETS, a whole new world of opportunity is available to help with personal and business goals. These include providers of home loans, education, medical and other consumer benefits. VETS also provides current information about reunions, meetings and special events.

What is “we honor Vets” program?

The “We Honor VETS” program. A VETS consumer benefit is the “We Honor VETS” program. Local businesses, professionals and approved individuals sponsor the “We Honor VETS” program on an annual basis. They offer recognition. special rewards and savings for veterans who have enrolled in VETS or have satisfactory veteran identification.

What is Vietnam Veterans of America?

No ticker-tape greeted the men and women who returned from service in the Vietnam War. No hand-shakes, no thank-you's and hardly any recognition. So, those veterans turned to each other and formed Vietnam Veterans of America. Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.

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