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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Facebook a free app on every phone?

The new Facebook for Every Phone is ending the phone discrimination that's been in place with the popular Facebook app, one of the most popular free apps at Apple's iTunes App Store and Android...

Is Facebook the most used app?

For 2019-20, Facebook (84%) was the most used app, with WhatsApp (61%) and Instagram (37%) coming in second and third respectively. The most popular website categories among children in Nigeria as of April were 'software, audio, video' (49%), 'internet communication media' (20%) and 'computer games' (14%).

How do I install Facebook app?

Once the Store window opens, type Facebook in the Search bar present at the top-right corner of the Store window. Hit Enter or click the Search button. From the displayed search results, click the Facebook icon. To install the Facebook app, click Install.

Can I get Facebook on a tablet?

Although you can access Facebook on the web by using your tablet’s web browser app, you can use the Facebook app for faster, easier access. If your tablet didn’t ship with the Facebook app, you can easily obtain it from the Google Play Store.

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