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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Verizon Connect reveal?

This gives Verizon a wider range of expertise than most vehicle tracking vendors. Verizon Connect Reveal is a one-stop-shop for any size of fleet looking for an advanced Fleet Management System (FMS), with ELD compliance, Field Service management and Asset Tracking add-ons available.

What is ververizon connect reveal?

Verizon Connect Reveal is one of the most widely used fleet tracking systems available today. That doesn't mean they've rested on their laurels, however. Fleet managers can use an online desktop/mobile dashboard to both gather data and send messages from a central location.

What does Verizon Connect reveal reveal about your vehicle history?

While any single incident doesn't say much, the cumulative data crunched by Verizon Connect Reveal's reporting ability exposes the hidden trends. The “replay” feature displays a recent log of where the vehicle has been.

What happened to Verizon Fleetmatics reveal?

They've since folded the support teams for Fleetmatics services like Reveal and Work into the Verizon Connect team, and, in March 2018, officially turned Fleetmatics Reveal into Verizon Connect Reveal, creating a single service out of its portfolio of fleet and mobile work management solutions.

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