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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Verizon have prepaid service?

Verizon offers many phone options with its prepaid service, including smartphones. Before you can apply for a prepaid service, you must purchase one of these prepaid phones. Different service plans are available on different phones, so you must decide what kind of plan you need before making your purchase.

How do you refill Verizon prepaid?

There are a number of ways you can refill your prepaid account: Online from a computer: Go to the Add Funds page in My Verizon for prepaid. To learn more, visit the Payment section of the My Verizon for Prepaid FAQs and How to Use Guide.

Can you use any Verizon phone for prepaid plans?

Verizon does require the prepaid phone to have been in use for at least six months before the transfer. If you would prefer to use your prepaid phone under your contract, and you have had it for at least six months, call Verizon's customer service and they will activate the phone under your contract phone number.

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