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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Activate my Verizon prepaid?

Devices purchased through Verizon already have the SIM card installed so you only need to turn the device on to complete the prepaid activation process. Call Verizon or visit a local Verizon store if the device does not successfully activate.

Does Verizon Prepaid have same coverage as post paid?

As far as I can tell, Verizon's prepaid subscribers are covered in all or nearly all the places that Verizon's postpaid subscribers receive coverage. It looks like Verizon's prepaid subscribers generally have access to the same extended network roaming partners that Verizon's postpaid subscribers have access to.

How do I contact Verizon customer service?

Contact Verizon customer service by phone at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) or via chat on the Verizon website, as of 2015. Verizon also publishes its mailing address on its website and receives written correspondence and payments at the address, according to Verizon.

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