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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my Verizon account?

To login to your My Verizon account, follow the steps below. Open your web browser in a new tab, and in the Search bar, type in the following address: On the top right corner of the website, select the option ‘Sign In/Register’. On the next page will allow you to enter in your User ID/Mobile Number to Sign In.

How do I Find my Verizon account number?

You can find your Verizon Account N Umber in two places: 1. Upper portion of your Verizon paper bill. or. 2. Appears on your My Verizon online bill. Sign in to My Verizon using your User ID and Password. Go to My Verizon -> Account -> Account Overview. Your account number is listed on the top of the Overview page.

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