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Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can pay my Verizon bill?

Verizon currently offers several different methods to pay your residential phone bill. You can pay your phone bill online at Verizon's website, mail your payment to Verizon's remittance processing center, or pay your bill in person at an authorized Verizon location.

How do I Pay my Verizon bill from my cell phone?

Choose a method to pay your Verizon phone bill. You can mail a payment to the address on your Verizon phone bill, pay over the phone, pay online or visit a Verizon store that accepts payments in person. Pay the bill by mail. Inside the envelope you will find the bill listing your charges.

How do I Pay my Verizon Internet bill online?

Pay Online at Verizon's Website Go to the Verizon website listed in the Sources section of this article. Click on "Pay Your Bill Online" to access your My Verizon online account. Log in with your User ID and and password in the fields provided. Click on the link for "Account" and select "Payment.".

What is Verizon Business Plan?

Verizon business plans provide your company with the tools you need to get more work done not only faster but more efficiently. Choose an internet, phone, or TV option to meet your business’s needs, or bundle your services to save money and time.

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