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Frequently Asked Questions

What venues can you buy in Sims 4?

The first thing to be aware of in this mod is the fact that you can buy nearly all existing venues in Sims 4. These range from bars to museums, from clubs to parks. Here is a full list of the default venues you can buy with this mod! Aside from the default venues, there are also new types of venues in this mod.

What is the more buyable venues and new venue types mod?

The official name of the mod we’re discussing here is More Buyable Venues and New Venue Types. It’s a creation by the popular LittleMsSam, a mod creator that we often feature here on SnootySims. We definitely think that you should check her Tumblr blog for information about all of her creations, and not just this mod!

What can Sims do at a bowling venue?

Each venue type is set up to have visitors perform certain autonomous actions i.e. drink drinks at a bar, dance at a nightclub. There isn't nearly enough things from the bowling pack to set up a list of things for sims to do at a bowling venue. They'll literally just go and bowl.

What are residential lots in Sims 4?

Residential lots are one of the two primary lot categories. Sims mainly live on these types of lots. Some expansion packs introduce new assignments in this category. Community lots are one of the two primary lot categories. They are typically public spaces in which Sims can gather, or temporary living spaces.

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