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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a vector?

The definition of a vector is a quantity that has both size and direction, or an insect that is a carrier of a disease-producing organism. An example of a vector is wind speed because it is measured with two factors - speed and direction. An example of a vector is a disease carrying bug.

What does vector mean?

The vectors are defined as an object containing both magnitude and direction. Vector describes the movement of an object from one point to another. Vector math can be geometrically picturised by the directed line segment.

What is the best definition of vectors?

Medical Definition of vector. 1 : a quantity that has magnitude and direction and that is usually represented by part of a straight line with the given direction and with a length representing the magnitude 2 : an organism (as an insect) that transmits a pathogen from one organism or source to another...

What is the definition of vector in science?

Vector Definition in Math and Physics. In physical science and engineering, a vector is a geometric object which has both magnitude or length and direction. A vector is commonly represented by a line segment in a specific direction, indicated by an arrow.

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