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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vector data, and what is it used for?

Let's wrap up what we covered in this worksheet: Vector data is used to represent real world features in a GIS. A vector feature can have a geometry type of point, line or a polygon. Each vector feature has attribute data that describes it. Feature geometry is described in terms of vertices. Point geometries are made up of a single vertex (X,Y and optionally Z). More items...

What are the different types of vector data?

Vector data. Vector data is split into three types: polygon, line (or arc) and point data. Polygons are used to represent areas such as the boundary of a city (on a large scale map), lake, or forest.

What is the difference between vector and raster data models?

Difference Between Raster and Vector Data Definition. Raster data is a type of spatial data that consists of a matrix of cells organized into rows and columns in which each cell represents specific information. Data type. Importantly, while raster data is continuous data, vector data is discrete data. Data Representation. ... Complexity. ... Examples. ... Conclusion. ...

What is a vector data model?

vector data model: [data models] A representation of the world using points, lines, and polygons. Vector models are useful for storing data that has discrete boundaries, such as country borders, land parcels, and streets.

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