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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vanguard offer a checking account?

The checkwriting service is available on select Vanguard mutual fund and brokerage accounts. Your investments continue to earn income until the check is presented for payment.

Does Vanguard have a bank?

Vanguard's cash management account is a type of brokerage account. Therefore, it is not a bank account, and so it is not FDIC insured. It is, however, protected by SIPC, the government-required account protection in the securities industry.

What is a vanguard account?

An account with Vanguard, the investment management company. Probably you are referencing a personal brokerage account in which you would invest in stocks, bonds, etc.

What are Vanguard products?

Vanguard Products Corporation is a manufacturing and engineering company providing industry with high quality elastomeric and EMI shielding goods available.

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