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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open a vanguard account?

Open an account First step, go to Click “Open an account” in the top right of the page. Select “Open a new account“. The next page asks if you’re registered. The next page shows you the process for creating an account. Choose the type of account you’re opening. Enter your personal information.

What is a vanguard managed account?

Vanguard Managed Account Program (VMAP) Review – Cost vs. Benefits. Vanguard Managed Account Program (VMAP) serves as a fiduciary that sets asset allocations, chooses investments, and monitors/rebalances portfolios on a continuing basis. Fees typically begin at 0.40% on the first $100,000 in assets under management.

What is a vanguard money market account?

The Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund is designed as an alternative to keeping money in cash, or in a savings account. The primary objective is to preserve investors' principal by maintaining a portfolio of short-term, high-quality assets.

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