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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vanguard have financial advisors?

Vanguard offers both virtual planning tools and guidance from human financial advisors. Most of these advisors are certified financial planners, and they're all fiduciaries. These advisors customize a financial plan and provide ongoing portfolio management for investors.

Are Vanguard personal advisors good?

Yes! If you need hand-holding with your investments, Vanguard Personal Advisor Services is a compelling new entry in the money management field. The fees are straightforward and advisors don't have vested interests in up-selling you on expensive and unnecessary financial products just to make a few more bucks on commissions.

How do I log out my account?

To log out of your account, click on your profile picture located in the navigation header of any Couchsurfing page. This will open a drop down menu where you will see the Log out button. If using the site on a mobile device, click the Menu Icon at the top of the page, and then click on your profile picture to find the Log out button.

What is Vanguard savings account?

The Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund is designed as an alternative to keeping money in cash, or in a savings account. The primary objective is to preserve investors' principal by maintaining a portfolio of short-term, high-quality assets. This includes CDs, short-term U.S. Treasury Bills, and other money market assets.

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